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Referral Bonus Scheme


1.1 The referral bonus scheme is available to all current full-time and part-time employees (“Referrers”), excluding temporary and contract employees.  

1.2 Referrers must be in good standing with the Company and not subject to any disciplinary action at the time of participating in the Scheme. 

1.3 There is no limit on the number of referral bonuses a Referrer can receive for successful referrals 


Referral Process: 

2.1 To participate in the Scheme, Referrers must refer candidates (“Referrals”) for employment opportunities within the organisation.  

2.3 To make a referral, Referrers must email the People Team  (people@kinderzimmer.co.uk) with the name and the job applied for. The Referrer will then be tagged in their application. 

2.2 Referrals must be individuals who are not current employees of kinderzimmer and have not previously applied for a position at kinderzimmer within the last 12 months.  

2.3 Referrals must meet the job requirements and qualifications specified by kinderzimmer for the referred position.  

2.4 Referrals must complete the application and interview process, and kinderzimmer must extend a formal job offer to the Referral for the referral to be considered valid. 

2.5 Exclusions where the Referral has already been referred to the organisation by another employee, another agency, or already known by the company. 


Bonus Reward: 

 3.1 Upon successful completion of the referral process and fulfilment of all eligibility criteria, Referrers may be eligible for a referral bonus (“Bonus”).  

3.2 The Bonus amount is £500 

3.3 The Bonus will be paid to the Referrer after the referred candidate has passed a specified probationary period. 

3.4 The Bonus is only paid out if the Referrer is still an employee when the Referral passes their probationary period. 

3.5 The Bonus for this scheme is processed via the company payroll and is a taxable benefit.  

Welcome Bonus

  1. A welcome bonus of up to £2,000 is available for candidates who successfully secure permanent employment at KMK Kinderzimmer UK Holdings Limited on a full-time basis, for eligible vacancies.
  2. The new employee will receive the welcome bonus once they have successfully completed their probationary period.
  3. Employees who are recruited via agency and secure employment will not be eligible to apply for or benefit from this promotion.
  4. All payments for this scheme are processed via the company payroll and are taxable benefits. The payments will be made via the payroll that follows the month of employment and when their probation date is successfully passed.
  5. Employees who fail to complete/pass the probationary period and/or leave the position before the probationary period ends will not receive their welcome bonus.
  6. The welcome bonus is only available to specific vacancies selected at the discretion of KMK Kinderzimmer. Vacancies with eligibility will have clear ‘welcome bonus’ signage in the advert contents. Eligible applicants will be made aware of their qualifications for the bonus during the recruitment process.
  7. If the employee departs from the company within 12 months of their start date, KMK Kinderzimmer UK Holding Limited retains the option to reclaim the full welcome bonus.
  8. Payment will not be given to candidates who reach the interview stage but then do not go on to secure a position of employment. Nor will payment be given to those who apply for the position and do not go on to secure an interview. Only candidates who secure a full-time, paid position on successful completion of their probation will receive the welcome bonus amount.
  9. New employees that benefit from the welcome bonus will have a six-month notice period.
  10. KMK Kinderzimmer UK Holding Limited reserves the right to remove or amend the terms of the promotion at any point and without warning.
  11. The welcome bonus is only available to new employees that meet the eligibility criteria and is not available to existing staff retrospectively.
  12. The welcome bonus offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or offers, including the referral bonus scheme.

For additional information, please contact the People Team at careers@kinderzimmer.co.uk

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